About us

We would like to welcome you to website of our family guest house with restaurant located on historical square of Spišská Sobota – urban part of the town of Poprad. Close location to the High Tatras /15km/, Slovak Paradise /20km/, Aquacity /1km/ but also to the centre of Poprad /2km/ is something that you will appreciate not only while relaxing but also when executing your business duties.
In the quiet surrounding with cosy homelike atmosphere you will find comfort, calmness, relax and pleasant personnel always ready to fulfil your wishes and to serve you to your satisfaction


Guest house Atrium was rebuilt from an old Renaissance house dated back to the second half of the 16th century. In the basement, original stone barrel vaults and on the first floor original wooden joist ceilings marked with datings and signs from years 1683 and 1765 were preserved. There is also a Toscana half-column with a cap carrying a stone console situated in the southern room of the first floor.
Spišská Sobota is a part of the town of Poprad which lies 15 km from the High Tatras. The town of Poprad was gradually established from 5 different small towns. The royal town of Spišská Sobota was the wealthiest one of them. The wealth of the town is linked to its artistic and historical values. The first name of the town was Forum Sabathe (Saturday market). This fact is precedented by written evidence from 1256. Different forms of trade were concentrated in Spišská Sobota, it was also a seat of guilds, a centre of cultural life and later it became a centre of local authorities of 5 Upper towns of Spiš too. Thanks to its intact medieval architectural character the town was declared town monument reservation which nowadays represents a unique collection of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Gothic Catholic Church of Saint George dominates the square of Spišská Sobota. Its Gothic altar made in the atelier of Master Paul from Levoča belongs, along with the altar in Levoča, to European cultural jewels.